By Shifra Hoffman

Among the fondest myths held by American Jews, perhaps the most treasured and sacrosanct is their inviolate belief that a HOLOCAUST could never happen in the United States.

Anyone who dares to broach the subject, is more than likely to elicit a defiant response that "America is not Germany; it is a multicultural society based on tolerance for all ethnic minorities".

So firm is this conviction of the "I- am -an- American first" die-hard Jew, he often tends to dismiss increasingly overt violent anti-Semitic acts-such as the shooting of Jews in major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and most recently, in Pittsburgh, as well as the preponderanceof swastikas and hate message smeared on Synagogues and Jewish centers throughout the country - as "mere fringe elements,who are not at all representative of mainstream America."

On hardly knows whether to bitterly laugh or cry at such a myopic assessment. For the 'goldene medina" (golden land) of today's America, is surely not the America of yesteryears

The advent of the civil rights movment in the 60's, brought an ill-wind of change to America, which, in response to afirmative action, gave rise to white power movements seeking to "put blacks in their place"and punish Jews who supported black liberation. These movements quickly attraced white supremists who basically follow Hitler's Nazi ideology and are "equal opportunity haters -both blacks and Jews:

The myth of America being a tolerant society - in exatly that, - a myth.

On the surface, things seem to be "I"m O.K. - Youre O.K.

In reality however, many gentiles perceive the Jews as having as 'having too much money and too much power." "Jews run the media." " Jews are all communists or spies like Pollard"; and the coupe de grace " Jews corrupt christian values by deviant social behavior"!

Ironically, while HOLOCAUST AWARENESS is being taught in school curricula in the United States and presented in the media, too many not-so-tolerant gentiles have expressed the view that "Jews deserved the HOLOCAUST"! It is they who are joining hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan,American Nazi Party, Aryan Brotherhood and anti-government militias.. at a frightening rate.

Tragically, American Jewish Spiritual and organizational leaders have been reluctant to come to grips with this growing danger and to plan for immediate emigration to Israel. . Instead, despite the bitterlessons of the SHOAH, they continue to cling to the worn out 'cliche' "It can't happen here."

Since "All Jews are responsible one for another" SHUVA (Return), the Israel Emergency Aliyah Movement has undertaken the arduous task of "sounding the alarm" to warn and awaken sleeping Jews in America that it can, and indeed, it is happening. THE SHUVA Organization also provides information concerning emigrationfor those rady and willing to come home to Israel now, before G-d forbid, it becomes too late? In the words of a survivor of the death camps,

"Once the world does it ...SHAME ON THEM; - TWICE...SHAME ON US!

*Shifra Hoffman, Executive Director of SHUVA (Return), is a noted journalist,activist and Founder of VAT INTERNATIONAL who resides in JERUSALEM .For further information, or the schedule a speaking engagement, please contact SHUVA (Return) The Israel Emergency Aliyah Movement P.O.Box 32l03 JERUSALEM Tel/Fax -02-5821-106 U.S.A. -1673 E. 16st Room 146 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229-290 TelFax 718-375-2532

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